Durability of jewelry, both silver and gilded, depends primarily on how we take care of it. Jewelry should be stored in dedicated boxes, containers or caskets, in order to prevent the air from getting inside. This will protect it against exposure to oxides and accidental damage.

Silver Jewelry

Avoid contact of jewelry with potent cosmetics, e.g. deodorants, perfume. Also remember to remove the rings when doing household chores, as they could be scratched and even unsoldered under certain cleaning products. Oxidized silver should not be cleaned as this would tear the oxidation off (dark surface).

Yllow gold plated and rhodium-plated jewelry

Jewelry is made of silver, which is covered with a layer of gold (with a thickness of 0.25 micron flash) or rhodium in the process of galvanization. Gold-plated coating grinds down naturally, so it should not be over-exploited - always take off after returning home and store properly.